Lose Weight for Summer

Bikini Season

This is still mid winter but spring is just around the corner and it’s time to think about that bikini body that you want to have by summer. It is not to early to get into shape. You may even have those extra few pounds to lose that you gained over the holidays.  Take stock of yourself.  Are you 100% pleased with the way you look and feel.  Have you tried on last summers’s bikini?  How did it look?  Are you as lean and firm as you want to be?


How to Lose Weight

You Can Do It

Have you been on the heavy side all your life?  Or have you just put on a few extra pounds that you need to lose to feel and look better?  Which ever one you are it is still a matter of switching eating habits that will allow you to take off extra pounds and burn of ugly body fat.  You are what you eat. Tired of hearing that?   But it is true.  Your body uses what it needs to operate and saves the rest in the form of fat to burn at a later time if needed.  When you body does not need the energy from the fat deposits they will remain.  So the bottom line is to eat what you body needs and see that it burn the extra. This means no crazy starvation diets which fool your body into thinking that you are starving so instead of burning calories it begins to store extra fat for energy.   Have you lost weight on a diet and then gained even more back?  This happens because you gave your body the signal that you are hungry and  stored the extra energy in the form of  unwanted fat.  You need to be able to communicate to your body.  Tell it that you are eating enough and want to burn the extra fat. When you discover how to get rid of your bad habits and embrace new ones you will lose the weight without going hungry and depriving yourself from eating and enjoying your meals and snacks.

The Dieters Answer


Losing Weight

Keeping it Off

If you are anything at all like me you love food and eating is a favorite sport.  You may be one of the lucky ones who never gain weight no matter what you eat, but if you are you probably won’t be reading this in the first place, so we will forget about you (and envy you) and pay attention to the rest of us who enjoy eating and wish we were slimmer.  How do you feel when you start thinking about losing weight?  Do you feel sorry for yourself when you think about all the goodies that you have to give up?  I did and hope that I am not alone there.  I felt very deprived and wondered how I could manage.  That was a very long time ago and in retrospect I realize that there was really no need to feel sorry for myself.  I really did not have to give up anything at all.  It was just a matter of changing bad habits to good habits.  Sure, you have been hearing this from everyone.  That is because it is very true.  Habits can be changed, but first you need to identify the habits you want to change and the habits you wish to learn.  These habit changes don’t occur overnight but it can be much faster than you imagine.  Change the old for the new and I can show you how to do it.  Get my free e-course at  The Dieters Answer.com and get a few good ideas on weight loss.  If you are lucky you may even be able to get my $47.00 e-book for only $9.00.  Price may go back up any day.  When you order  the e-books you will get all the updates and special resources, recipes, shopping lists, etc.  Join me and I will be happy to accompany you on your journey to get the body you have always wanted.


Lose Weight and Keep it Off


Lose Weight Fast

Eat This Not That

Gain weight over the holidays?  Or maybe you have extra pounds that you have been carting around for some time.  Annoying diets just not your thing?  Counting calories is not the way these days.  Diets are a thing of the past.  Now we have the secret to losing weight fast without dieting. No special supplements to buy.  No crazy weird (and expensive) ingredients to buy. No weird menus to worry about.  Discover the easy way to lose weight  and be healthy with just a few simple steps.  Not difficult at all.  Join us at The Dieters Answer and I will share my secrets with you.   And if you are lucky you may still get in on my special sale. $9.00 for the program including upgrades. Usually $47.00.  The price will go back up as soon as I have the time to change it.  (And as soon as I can figure out how to do this. I am not too great on the technical stuff.)  So hurry and get your bargain before its too late. You do want to lose weight fast, don’t you?

Dieters Answer

Dieters Answer

Lose Weight Fast – No Dieting

New Year Welcome

Happy and Healthy 2013

A belated Happy New Year everyone.  I was “under the weather for the last couple of months and did not even go near my computer but now I am back again.  Did everyone have have a good holiday?  As soon as one hears “holiday” one thinks of gaining weight with fattening foods.  No one food is fattening, it just depends on how much of it you eat. No food is fattening if you only eat a little bit of it.  Any food can be fattening if you eat enough of it.  Think about how many calories are in a potato versus how many calories are in in carrot or a stalk of celery.  And think about raw versus cooked.  Think about munching raw carrots and celery.  Are you more satisfied with the raw veggies or the cooked vegetables?  Let me know in the comments below.

Some people can be satisfied with just a taste of a delicious dish.  I envy those folks because I am just the opposite.  If I taste something that I really like I want to eat lots of lots of it.  Sometimes I just don’t bother to taste something that looks really good (and fattening) because I am not sure if I can limit myself to just a little taste.  So I go on to another dish that is less tempting.

Losing weight and keeping it off is a matter of habit.  What to eat and what not to eat.  And remember to keep moving as much as possible.  Walk every day.  Adopt a dog and take him out for his necessary walks.  It will be fun.  Guaranteed!  Have I ever shown you my dog, Baybee?  Here she is






Holiday Feasting

Food, Feasting and Partying

‘Tis the season to be jolly translates into cookies, cakes, candies, eggnogs, pumpkins pies drowning in whipped cream and that’s just for starters.   Think about the chips and dips.  If you are at all like me then the word party conjures dreams of all of these goodies when it should bring up a picture of a caution sign.  Slow down. Choose carefully. Can you eat just one potato chip with dip? I can’t.  How strong is your will power?  Are you satisfied with just one little taste?  Or does one little taste become a plate full?  Then tough it out and skip the wee taste and head over to the raw veggie platter. Luckily, these days thoughtful hostesses serve plenty of platters with raw vegetables and fruits. (You don’t need to dip your strawberries into the chocolate

Veggies platter

sauce.)  Bypass the sugar alcoholic drinks and select a small glass of white wine.  Drink it slowly so it lasts longer.

If you can be happy with one little taste of some goodies then I really do envy you. Have your delicious little nibble and then go on the the veggies and fruit plate.  Your friends don’t usually serve healthy platters?  Well then, make them your contribution to the party. There will be plenty of party goers who will thank you.

Have a safe, healthy and happy holiday.

Anne Reade

Stay on Track

Holiday Season

If you are anything like me you are forgetting to drink water because the weather is getting cool, or it may already be cold where you live.  When the weather is hot I never have a problem drinking enough water.  Last night when I went to bed I realized that I did not drink a single glass of water all day.  Of course, I was thirsty when I woke up, but that is not the point.  Do remember to drink your water.  You also may want to drink some green tea as well.  We need to be hydrated all year long.  Water is also good for your skin. Find that you skin is drying up this time of year?  Heating systems will do that to you.  Drink extra water for you complexion.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon.  While it is an American custom to eat until you burst, you do not need to overeat.  You can enjoy a delicious traditional holiday meal without going overboard.  Check out what dishes are on the table and make sensible choices.  Select the white meat of the turkey, sweet potatoes, salad, vegetables and small portions of cranberry sauce and dressing.  Don’t butter your vegetables.  Try to have salad with just olive oil  and vinegar. Be sensible. Enjoy your thanksgiving dinner without stuffing yourself.  Eat slowly and enjoy.  Only the turkey needs to be stuffed.


Goodbye Fruit Juice

Hello Fresh Fruits

If you are like me you started out each morning with a delicious glass of fruit juice, usually orange or grapefruit.  There was always juice on the breakfast table as long as I can remember. It was the only way to begin one’s  day.  We can put that all behind us now.  If we want the benefits of fruit we need to eat the whole fruit.  Most of the nutrients disappear within minutes of the fruit being juiced.  Flavor and calories remain.  Did you know that a glass of juice can contain as much as 200 calories. Whole fruit delivers all the nutrients plus fiber that help you from being hungry as well as being healthy for your digestive system.  So, say hello to your morning orange, grapefruit, berries or melon — all delicious and good for you.  Say goodbye to empty calories in you old fashioned juice.

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast

Fresh Fruit for Breakfast

When you are thirsty during the day forget the juices and soft drinks. They are loaded with sugar and will put on weight without any beneficial nutrients.  Instead drink water, carbonated water, green tea (hot or cold).  Think about the yummy flavors in herb teas. Have you tried the apple cinnamon or the peppermint?

Fresh fruit is not only great for breakfast it is a wonderful between meal snacks.  Remember to buy your local in-season fresh fruits and vegetables when you go shopping. Always keep a good supply at home so they are available when you get some craving for sweets. Your favorite fruits are just what you need.











Knit, Don’t Nibble

The Incredible Disappearing Food

When you eat pay attention. Be aware that you are actually eating and know exactly what you are putting into you mouth. Enjoy your food. Have you ever sat down with a plate of goodies while watching. If you are anything like me you can sit down with a place of goodies and reach down to take another piece and you hand come back empty.  Too often I have eaten and not even been aware of it while I was concentrating

on a book or TV.  I ate automatically and did not even have the pleasure of being aware of what I was eating.  Wouldn’t it be nice if calories did not count if you are not aware of what you are devouring?  But they do, so take the time to pay attention to your food so you can enjoy it.

Nibbling, many times, is more about having something to do with your hands and less about being hungry. If you must do something with your hands while watching TV or reading then have a cup of tea or coffee or a glass of water to sip. Whether or not you are aware of drinking  is not important because no calories are being ingested. Also, consider taking up knitting to keep your hands busy. It’s impossible to eat and knit at the same time. Try it.  You may even make yourself an awesome new sweater.

Hamburger Facts

Ground Beef and Fat Content

Once in awhile you may want a hamburger or meatloaf even though this is not one of your meals on your weight loss food plan.  If you have this craving then go for it, but with a few cautions. When beef or ground meat is labeled 75% lean it is still 25% fat which is much too much fat.  Fat has twice has many calories as lean meat. A hamburger can have as much as 70% fat. Lean steak has about 10% fat, Extra lean can’t have more than 5% fat.

Extra Lean Ground Beef

Extra Lean Ground Beef

With ground beef it is easily to be fooled so you need to become an informed shopper. regulations for ground beef are not the same as those for steak. “Lean” and “Extra Lean” allow for much more fat. When you read “lean” or “extra lean” on a package of hamburger it means that it could have as much as 22% fat.

In order to have really lean ground beef it is best to buy lean round steak or chuck and have the butch grind it for you. If you have your own grinder it is even better.

Years ago my mother used to bring two slices of white bread to the butcher when she wanted to have him grind her beef.  One slice went into the grinder followed by Mom’s chuck steak and followed by the second slice of bread. Mother’s ground beef was the that which came out between the two sliced of ground white bread. Then she knew that she was getting her own chopped meat.  It is still a good practice today.